Saturday, July 9, 2011

Swim Lessons

So, I have fallen terribly behind in my blog duties and I apologize. Summer time is busy time. So much is going on right now I guess it's kind of overwhelming to try to blog about it all. Yesterday was Desi's first birthday, but I will write all about it after his party tomorrow.

The most exciting this so far this summer was swim lessons! We signed up for the Mommy and Me lessons at the Vicksburg City Pool. Pay only $12 and you get two weeks of lessons. We only made it to one full week and one day out of the second week, but it was still well worth it. I borrowed a waterproof camera from my friend/neighbor/coworker, David, and shot these on Funday Friday. We didn't have a real lesson, but Desi still practiced almost everything we had learned earlier in the week.

The main point of the lessons for Desmond at this age is to just get him used to the water so he won't be scared of it and learning safety. Well, I knew he wouldn't really have any trouble liking the water since he has a blast every night in the bath. I was right. He took to it like fish in the water.

He blew bubbles with his mouth and drank and choked on lots of water. But in the end all was well.
We had lots of fun in the sun. Mommy got a little more red and Desi got a lot more brown!
Desi got used to balancing in the water by chasing soccer balls and floaty toys.
We ran under the mushroom fountain and Desi was intrigued.
My favorite photo of all. Desmond kind of goes into this Zen mode in the water and holds his head up and his arms back almost like a yoga position. I feel like he thinks if I let go he will fly away.

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