Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Boy

Well, Desmond is just growing and growing and growing. I wouldn't be surprised if he took his first steps before his birthday. He pulls up on everything and is cruising about like a pro.
 Look at all those teeth! And of course that crazy hair!

He is also using that voice of his, for good and for bad. He jabbers away almost constantly. Everything starts with a "d" and more than just Carmela are called "dog" or "doggie." I've been trying to work with him on saying "more" when he wants more food instead of screeching or grunting at me, but so far no doesn't start with a "d."

He has started to throw "baby" tantrums. I call them "baby" because I've read that babies his age don't throw actual tantrums, they just show their frustration in what might seem like a tantrum. (Sounds like a tantrum to me!) He's become obsessed with hair. Whether it's his own that he's pulling out, mine or Carmela's that he picks up off the floor, he doesn't want to let it go.

Speaking of hair, get a look at those curls!

I will have just vacuumed and I'll look down and he's found the one little ball of Carmela hair in the entire apartment and will be holding on to it for dear life. When I take it away and tell him "yuck" he screams and cries and throws a "baby"...oh hell I'll call it what it is...a tantrum. I don't know what it is about hair, but he loves it. He pulls his own hair as a self comforting thing when he's tired. He will also sometimes grab a fist full when he is mad about something. And then there's mine. He grabs and pulls at it so much I can't wear it down even in the rare few moments of the day that it's not too hot to.

Last week we had a brief but wonderful visit from Ann Lowney all the way from Ireland. It was so nice to see her again. Ann visited us last year at this exact time. I guess I should say she visited me because I hadn't had Desmond yet. He was born three weeks later. She was very glad to meet the little guy finally.  The next time she breezes through Mississippi he will be running around and talking!
 They got along from the very start.

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