Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Surgery date

Last week we finally got the call we have been waiting for. Desmond's surgery is scheduled for August 10! His pre-op appointment is Aug. 5 and I will hopefully have all of my questions answered then. If he pulls this whole, "I don't have time for your questions" bull, Desi and I will just have to find ourselves a new surgeon and file a MAJOR complaint with the hospital.

He also had a checkup with Dr. Carron, the ENT, yesterday and he said everything looked perfect. Desi has to go back every six months until the tubes fall out. Dr. Carron also said Desi was the most pleasant child he had dealt with all day...and it was 3 p.m. Poor Dr. Carron!

In other news, Desi has two words in his vocabulary! He now says "dog" and "uh-oh." I haven't captured "dog" on video yet, but here is "uh-oh."

YouTube Video

And as per request from Desi's Teetee, here is a really stinking cute video of him giggling.

YouTube Video

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