Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ENT & Plastic Surgeon appointments

Today Desmond had his appointments with the ENT, Dr. Caron, and the plastic surgeon, Dr. Angel. Both of them went well and were over very quickly.

Dr. Caron took a look in his ears and throat and we talked about the reoccurring ear infections he's been having. As it turns out, children with skull deformities are more likely to have these kinds of problems since the shape of their skull can effect the shape of their ears. So, he said he'd keep an eye on them and make sure the infection is gone before we go ahead with surgery. We have a follow up visit scheduled for late June. I guess this means Desmond won't be having the surgery until after that.

Dr. Angel came and took some measurements and photos of Desmond's head. He explained that not only will they be taking the skull apart in the rear portion of his head, but they will also have to do this to his forehead to reshape it. Unfortunately, it's a strong possibility that this will have to be done in two separate surgeries.

We got to take a look at his CT scan and it's amazing! There is absolutely no sign left of his sagittal suture or his soft spot. Dr. Angel also pointed out that his eye sockets are different shapes, which I thought I had noticed lately but thought I was just being paranoid.

Desi and Dr. Angel go over the CT results.

The next appointment will be with the opthamologist on May 12 and then we go back to the neurosurgeon on May 27.

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