Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nine Month Well Baby

Yesterday Desmond had his 9 month Well Baby checkup with Nurse Practitioner Bennett. He is doing very well and is hitting all of the right milestones and growing perfectly, even in his head size.

Dr. Sluis came in and took a look at his ears for me. I told him that the ENT was wanting to wait until June 21 to recheck for the infection and he agreed that it was not worth putting off the surgery for. For right now it looks like the infection is gone. He said there is some uninfected fluid in there and to come back in a few weeks and he'll check again. It was nice to be reassured that I'm not just in a hurry to get this over with. He didn't see why we should have to wait that long.

Nurse Bennett didn't really apologize for brushing off my concerns about Desmond's head at his 6 month Well Baby, but she did express how glad she was that Dr. Sluis caught it only a month later.

So now we go back to Dr. Sluis in two weeks and as well as the ophthalmologist. Man, I have never spent so much time in doctors' offices in my life!

Even though these photos are a few weeks old, I'm going to post them since they were taken on Desmond's 9 month birthday.

Last weekend while Nana was here we went down to the rose garden and shot some Easter portraits.

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