Sunday, May 8, 2011

My first official Mother's Day

As it turns out, I became a mother exactly ten months ago. Since it's just Desi and I, I was expecting a quiet weekend of work and baby time.

So I was surprised when my first Mother's Day came a little early on Saturday. I had to work so Heather came over to Vicksburg to watch Desmond for me. When I finally got home and walked in the apartment I could smell yummy smells from the kitchen. Heather had cooked up a big ole pot of deliciousness for dinner with plenty left over to freeze and feed us through summer.

Desmond was still asleep so we were sitting around chatting. I looked over and saw a card addressed to Mom. I automatically assumed it was for our mom. I asked, "Oh, you got Mom a card!?" "No, Desmond got that for you," she said. I opened the card and it was signed by Desi with an outline of his hand.

There was also a sterling silver necklace with a heart pendant in the card. I honestly teared up!

"A mother holds her child's heart forever."

After we ate I went to wake up Desi and found him wearing a new outfit including a shirt declaring "My Mom Loves Me."
It was a really nice day and great to have such a wonderful sister that understands how much the small stuff can mean.

This morning I went to work for a little while and Mani watched Desi at her house. When I went to pick him up she had an omelet ready for me! Then we went back in the evening for a scrumptious chicken and eggplant Parmesan dinner complete with chocolate moose and strawberries. Mani rocked the Mother's Day even when her too kids, Grant and Maya, were brought to tears in a hallway collision.

I must say, it was a wonderful first Mother's Day!

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  1. Your sister is WONDERFUL! Happy belated first Mother's Day!