Saturday, May 14, 2011

Desmond had a few more doctor appointments this week. We went back to the ENT since he was battling his fourth ear infection in three months. I was worried that the infection was going to interfere with the timing of his surgery. I thought I was going to have to convince him to put tubes in his ears but he was right there with me. They scheduled it for this coming Thursday. Dr. Carron said the tubes will clear everything up and he should be good to go for the big surgery.

Next we saw the ophthalmologist. I have no clue how they check his eyes besides flashing some prisms in front of them after putting five different kinds of drops in them. Regardless, he has perfect eyes. We will have to go back for a checkup eight weeks after the surgery to make sure that changing the shape of his head hasn't changed his vision.

This week we also came down with thrush:( I'm battling it with every resource I can muster. For a few days Desmond got doses of gentian violet that stained his mouth dark purple. He looked like a little goth baby.

Other than the doctor appointments Desi has been a busy boy. He is crawling everywhere!! And pulling up on everything he can find. He is jabbering more and more every day and I think he really is about to start talking soon. The question is, will it be in English or Spanish?

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