Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coast vacation

Desi an I took a much needed trip home to the Coast last weekend. Boy did it make me homesick! There's nothing like having a child of your own to make you want to move home.

We got in town late Friday after stopping in The H'burg to visit Auntie Crystal. But Desmond was in good spirits after sleeping all of the four hours in the car. He stayed up until almost midnight!

We took it easy in the morning and had a wonderful visit with the Smerz/Hrabak family in the afternoon. Collin entertained us with his sick guitar and dance moves!

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Saturday evening Desmond and I met up with Amber and had some good burgers at SOS on Government Street. It was great to see two of my gals in one day.

Sunday morning we went to Lowe's with Nana to purchase the parts for a flower garden for her front yard. Wait, scratch that. I was under the impression we were going to search for and purchase one bush or shrub. After 93 landscaping bricks, three trips to Lowe's, several pretty plants and a day of back breaking work we have a butterfly garden in the front yard around an old pine tree stump.

Desmond played in his very own swimming pool while Nana and I did all the tough stuff. He had so much fun!

Monday morning we had breakfast while Desi entertained his visitors, Susan and Walter. Of course, he was a hit.

We had some last minute snuggles with Nana before hitting the road.

Next stop was Hattiesburg for a visit with Luci, Cencho, Jennifer and Leslie. It was really good to see them. It had been a really long time since we had seen them. The girls have gotten so big.

They had a good visit with Desi. What would they be to one another if the girls are my god daughters?

We hated to say goodbye, but alas, we had one more stop to make before home. Forty-five minutes later we were in Magee for a quick visit with Desmond's Granny and Teetee. He crawled around in the grass and got lots of love from Juliana.

Overall it was a fantastic weekend. I wish we could have stayed down on the coast forever! Maybe one day we'll find our way back home.

Friday Desi finally has his appointment with the neurosurgeon!! An update of what is said will be coming soon after.

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