Thursday, August 4, 2011

Surgery Date!!!

I snagged this shot of Desi while I was taking L & O's pregnant portraits.
We finally have another surgery date! Desi will check in to the New Orleans Children's Hospital at 10 a.m. on Sept. 8 and his surgery will be at noon. As I said before, the type of surgery they will be doing should only take about an hour and a half versus the six and a half hour one they proposed at UMC. Desmond may not even have to go to the ICU and will only be in the hospital for three or four days if everything goes well.

I'm so excited to have things moving again. Last week we got our care package from Cranio Care Bares, a non-profit organization that sends out care packages for Cranio families for their time in the hospital. It was really wonderful and full of all kinds of goodies that I would not have thought to bring myself. It was still kind of a sad reminder though that his pre-op appointment should have been this week and his surgery next week. But, I'm trying to move past my disappointment in UMC and just be grateful for the craniofacial team at CHNOLA.

Did I mention they're not going to shave off his beautiful curls?
And as always, I could not have made it this far with all of this without the support from my family and friends and the wonderful people from the cranio networks I have found online. We love you!

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